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Best known for: Sensors
Our favorite product:Their sensors are in stock, we love them all!
Fun fact: Autonics celebrates their 40th anniversary in 2017
Newest product release: New TX4S temperature controllers
Warranty: 3 year warranty
Autonics Sensors
  • Inductive proximity sensors (used to detect metal objects)
    • Available in round (PR), square/rectangular (AS/PS/PSN) and flat pack models (PFI)
  • Capacitive proximity sensors (can detect metallic or non-metallic targets, ideal for liquid level control and sensing)
  • Photoelectric sensors
    • Full line of photoelectric sensors (BS5/BT/BA/BY/BM/BPS/BX/BEN)
  • Area sensors
    • BW series
  • Door sensors
    • ADS series
  • Fiber optic sensors
    • BF series
    • Fiber optic cables - FD/FT/FL/GD/GT series
  • Pressure sensors
    • PSAN/PSA/PSB - digital
    • PSS - analog
Autonics Temperature Controllers
  • Autonics offers digital and analog temperature controllers with a range of sizes and features
  • TAS series -  Analog 1/16th DIN, low cost option
  • TX4S series - Digital 1/16th DIN, easy to read LCD display
  • TF3 series - 
  • TK4S series - Digital 1/16th DIN, high accuracy
  • TK4N series - Digital 1/32nd DIN, high accuracy
  • TC4S series - Digital, 1/16th DIN, low cost option
  • TC3YF series - Digital, freezing/defrost option
Autonics Timer Counter
Rotary Encoders
  • Full range of incremental and absolute encoders
  • Please contact us with your requirements

Since 1977 Autonics has been a leading provider of automation solutions worldwide. Their first product was the 'K' series of counters that were manufactured and marketed in South Korea.

Autonics has had offices in the U.S since 2001 with a sales office and warehouse located in Mundelein, Illinois.

Autonics core products include sensors, control and motion devcies, process automation instruments and control switches .
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Autonics CRSeries
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