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Brushless DC Motor Control, Open Loop, 1080W, 20A, Chassis/Isolated, 10-54VDC

Dart’s 710 Series of DC brushless motor controls provides variable speed operation for larger brushless DC motors.

Compact, economical and energy efficient, the 710 Series provides variable speed commutation and control for motors with continuous ratings up to 1000 watts.

These drives are ideal where high speed or quiet operation is needed, combined with a BLDC motor completely eliminating brush wear.  The 710 Series may be customized for OEM applications.

Available in two models:

  • 710ADC which is open loop
  • 711ADC which is closed loop

Marshall Wolf Automation is your authorized Dart Controls distributor.

More Information
Part Number 710ADC
Speed Controller Type DC Motor Controls, Brushless
Housing/Enclosure Non-Enclosed
Voltage DC
Availability Please Contact Us
Weight - lbs. 1.2325
Base Unit of Measure Each
  • High power BLDC control for large motors typically on fans, pumps and other basic applications
  • Closed loop (711ADC) or open loop (710ADC)
  • Quiet 15KHz. PWM switching frequency
  • Input 10-54VDC/Output 9-50VDC
  • MOSFET power devices
  • Directional control - forward/reverse
  • Internal +6.2, VDC 20 mA supply for motor Hall-Effect .. sensors
  • 5K ohm speedpot w/ 8" leads, knob and dial for remote mounting
  • Anodized chassis mount heatsink
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