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AC Drive, 25hp, 230V, 3 Phase, For Constant and Variable Torque Apps

What does the Fuji Frenic-MEGA series AC drive offer you? Flexibility and functionality to support a wide range of applications on all types of mechanical equipment!

FRENIC-MEGA takes core capabilityand easy maintenance to the next level. Designed for 24/7 operation with embedded motor protection and critical maintenance functions; the Fuji FRENIC-MEGA is a high performance, multifunctional inverter. FUJI Electric has developed by gathering the best of the technologies. With our own state of the art technology, the control performance has evolved to a new dimension.

The Fuji FRENIC MEGA has been developed to use with variety of equipment by improving the basic performance, meeting the requirements for various applications, achieving lower maintenance and enhancing the resistant to the environmental impacts. FRENIC-MEGA is packed with features and offers simple intuitive start up.

The Fuji MEGA is your solution for low duty, medium or heavy duty applications in any variable torque or constant torque application. Improved control performance with available control methods: PG, sensorless, dynamic torque vector control; PG closed-loop control and V/f control. It also has good performance in current response, speed response and dual or triple selectable overload setting.

Applications for the Fuji MEGA variable frequency drive include belt conveyors, warehouse applications, winders, press machines, centrifical separators and extruders. The capacity range of FRENIC MEGA is for 3 ph 400 V supply from 0.4 kW to 630 kW and for 3 ph 200 V supply from 0.4 kW to 110 kW. The overload capacity of FRENIC MEGA is 150% for 1 min and 200% for 3s (in High Duty mode).

The inverters with capacities of 5.5 kW and above can be used in dual rating; this means that the same inverter can be used for next higher capacity (in Low Duty mode).

For example a 5.5 kW inverter can be used for a 7.5 kW motor; in this case the overload is 120% for 1 min. The braking transistor is included as standard up to 22 kW units and is optional up to 110 kW units. The braking resistor is included as standard up to 7.5 kW units.

The Frenic-Mega drive rivals these following competitor's drives

  • Allen Bradley Powerflex 700
  • ABB ACS 800-01
  • Mitsubishi A700 and Mitsubishi F700
  • Schneider Altivar 71
  • Vacon NXP
  • Control Techniques Unidrive SP
  • Danfoss FC302
  • Mitsubishi A700 and Mitsubishi F700
  • IMO Jaguar AC drives - this is the exact same drive!
  • Yaskawa Y7 and Yaskawa G7

Still looking to learn more? Check out this handy blog all about the Tips & Tricks of VFDs. Better yet, check out this whole section all about AC Drives.

More Information
Input Voltage 200/240V, 3 Phase
Horsepower 25 hp
Output 3 Phase Output
Housing/Enclosure NEMA 1 or IP20 (See Spec)
Type of Drive Volts per Hertz (V/Hz), Sensorless Vector
Options No Special Options
Availability Please Contact Us
Product Series FRENIC-Mega
Warranty 3 Years
Weight - lbs. 21.0000

Ratings below are for Variable Torque LD (Low Duty) mode inverters for light loads. For constant torque, medium (MD), or high duty (HD) ratings please see the spec sheet under Resources.

Rated Input Current

  • 230VAC
  • 3-phase
  • 25 kVA (with DCR)

Rated Output Current

  • 230VAC
  • 3-phase
  • 68 amps


  • Height: 15.75 in
  • Width: 9.84 in
  • Depth: 7.68 in


  • 21 lbs


  • IP20
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