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AC Drive, 3hp, 460V, 3 Phase, Variable Torque, Fan and Pump Drive

With regulations expected to call for a reduction of 1% or more in annual energy consumption, Fuji Electric is aiming to optimize energy savings as a complete system approach and not focusing only on reducing energy consumed by the motor. The Fuji Electric FRENIC-Eco series drives optimize power consumption of the drive for maximum energy savings as a complete system approach. 

In addition to maintenance information for the inverter unit, information related to equipment maintenance is also displayed. An Industry First!

Motor cumulative operating time (hours):
The cumulative operating time of the equipment the inverter is used with is calculated. 

Application Example: 
If the inverter is used for fan control, this time can be used as a criterion for replacing the belts used on pulleys. 

Number of starts (times):
The number of times the inverter is run and stopped can be counted.

Application Example: 
The number of times the equipment is started and stopped is recorded, so this can be used as a criterion for replacing parts in equipment where starting and stopping is a burden on the machine. 

If multiple inverter units are to be used in a panel and the panel is designed accordingly, it is possible to mount these inverters side-by-side horizontally, so the panel can be designed to take up less space. (5HP for 208V, 7.5HP for 460V or smaller capacity inverters)

Additional Features

  • Variable torque drive
  • Easy maintenance for the drive and equipment
  • Equipped with common functions for HVAC applications
  • Simple replacement of replaceable components
  • User-friendly features
  • Network compatibility
  • 3 year warranty
  • The Fuji Frenic-Eco series is available in:
    • Three phase, 208V from 1 to 125hp
    • Three phase, 460V from 1 to 900hp

Still looking to learn more? Check out this handy blog all about the Tips & Tricks of VFDs. Better yet, check out this whole section all about AC Drives.

More Information
Input Voltage 400/480V, 3 Phase
Horsepower 3 hp
Output 3 Phase Output
Housing/Enclosure NEMA 1 or IP20 (See Spec)
Type of Drive Volts per Hertz (V/Hz)
Options No Special Options
Availability Please Contact Us
Product Series FRENIC-Eco
Weight - lbs. 7.3000

Rated Input Current

  • 460VAC
  • 3-phase
  • 6.9 amps (without DCR)

Rated Output Current

  • 460VAC
  • 3-phase
  • 5.5 amps


  • Height: 10.2 in
  • Width: 5.91 in
  • Depth: 6.42 in


  • 7.3 lbs


  • IP20
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