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Dart Controls 125DV-C
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Speed Control, 120-240VAC In, 0-90/0-180VDC Out, Adj Range 1/8-1/2/1/4-1.0hp, 0.5 sec Accel

The 125 series is a compact, cost effective and reliable SCR drive. SCR drives convert single phase line voltage (120/240VAC) into full-wave rectified DC for use with both DC permanent magent and shunt or field wound DC motors. Designed and built in the USA!

Installation and field adjustments are facilitated using a barrier type terminal strip and large, easily adjusted trimpots. Adjustable horsepower range: 120 VAC; 1/50–1/8 and 1/8–1/2; 240 VAC; 1/25–1/4 and 1/4–1. The 125D-C model operates on a low input voltage of 24/36 VAC with an output of 150mA–5.5 ADC.

Standard features include an inhibit circuit for star t-stop operation and 1% speed regulation over a 50:1 speed range. Dual voltage 120/240 VAC or 24/36 VAC models are available.

Long life and quality are assured by 100% full load testing. The 125 Series is ideal for applications such as: office machinery, conveyors, of ice packaging equipment, printers, process equipment, centrifuges, and exercise equipment.

SCR drives control motor speed by adjusting the voltage output of the motor. SCR drives are the workhouse of the variable speed DC motor industry!

More Information
Part Number 125DV-C
Alternate Part Number Dart Controls 125DV-C
Speed Controller Type Analog DC Speed Controls
Housing/Enclosure Non-Enclosed
Voltage DC
Availability Standard Stock
Product Series 125DV Series
Weight - lbs. 0.7800
Base Unit of Measure Each
  • Dual Voltage 120/240 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Designed and built in the USA!
  • Adjustable horsepower settings
  • Barrier terminal strip
  • Full wave bridge supply
  • 1% speed regulation, ±1/2% with tach feedback
  • Adjustable Minimum speed
  • Adjustable Maximum speed
  • Adjustable IR Compensation
  • Adjustable Current Limit
  • Fixed Acceleration 
  • Optional Adjustable Acceleration
  • Line voltage compensation
  • 5K ohm speed pot, knob & dial plate included
  • 50:1 speed range
  • Overload capacity: 200% for one minute
  • Transient voltage protection
  • Voltage following mode
  • Inhibit circuit
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