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Your first question might be, who is LS IS Co, Ltd?

The name may have changed over the years but the lineage has remained the same. For the last 30 years LSIS operated under the name LG Industrial Systems; yup, the very same LG we all know! In 2005 the company was rebranded into what we know now, LS IS.

The C100 series is their optimized VFD for the global market.

Compared to the predecessor VFD the IG5A, the C100 series is about a 33% reduction in size, allows for more compact placement in a cabinet only a 2mm gap between like C100 units is required. A huge bonus when cabinet optimization comes into play.

Dual rated control options include both volts per hertz and sensorless vector control allowing for CT (constant torque) and VT (variable torque ). This means 150% of amperage for 1 minute for CT and 110% amperage for 1 minute of time for VT. The C100 is specifically designed to handle both light and heavy loads such as conveyors and pumps/fans!

One of the new features in the C100 is the K.E.B., or Kinetic Energy Buffering, feature.  This feature provides energy to the VFD in case of a short term power failure, or voltage drop, of supply voltage to the drive to prevent the need for a manual reset.  Many VFDs will shut down in case of a supply voltage drop or quick power failure which causes a need for a manually reset before starting the motor again. 

During a voltage drop, or short term power failure, the KEB feature of the C100 will actually use the regenerated current coming back from the motor to supply voltage to the drive to keep it powered until the main supply voltage is back up to operating level; therefore preventing the need for a manual reset.

This series also complies with safety requirements; EN ISO 13849-1 PLd and EN 61508 SIL2 and EN60204-1, Stop category 0.

The C100 is available in 200V/ 1phase, 200V/3Phase, 400V/3Phase with corresponding power ranges, respective of voltage range: .1KW-2.2KW, .1KW-7.5KW, .4KW-7.5KW. Additional optional EMC filters are in constant development and may be factory installed with a special model code number. (Contact us directly for any special coding questions you may have!)

The C100 provides an IP20 protection rating at 40° C and up to 50° C operational in CT mode and 40° C in VT mode. All the traditional input functions for VFD are there plus unusual feature such as 2nd motor capability, along with safety stop and a dedicated terminal.

Another nice feature that seems to be disappearing these days is an extra source for frequency source control; this nice little package includes a potentiometer. The keypad as a standard is also a nice touch that it is detachable, and a simple accessory cord makes for a nice remote mount.

The best part is the price point for this C100 family from LSIS, we think you’re going to like them!

Have questions about this drive or any other from LS IS? Feel free to email our tech support and we’d be happy to help you pick out the right drive for your application!

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