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ICOTEK GmbH is a premier GERMAN manufacturer which has been providing innovative cable entry systems and solutions for the past fifteen years.

Priding itself with a heavy US presence and stock levels, ICOTEK offers innovative designs that are applied in many different industries. These industries include OEM equipment of assembly, packaging equipment, wind and power, CNC, fabrication, laser equipment manufacturers, railway products and off road heavy equipment manufacturers.

The product options are extensive and include cable entry systems of pre-terminated cables, a cable entry systems for standard cables, strain relief systems, EMC systems, conduit entry systems, cabinet base cable entries.

Cable Entry Frames

  • IP65 rated due to high clamping pressure of the cover lid for 5 part number families, from 15 different part families.
  • Provides secure and tight connection
  • Cut outs according to standard dimensions (assemblies within seconds)
  • Warranty on pre-terminated cable remains
  • Halogen and Silicone FREE
  • Stain relief according to EN50262
  • cRU us, NEMA, EX, Gl, EN45545-2, NF F16-101, RoHS, UL-94-Vo
  • Temperature rated from -40 to +140 degree C.

Cable Entry Frames include: KEL-ER10, KEL-ER16, KEL-ER24, KEL-ER-B, KEL-ER-E, KEL10, KEL16, KEL24, KEL-B, KEL-E, KEL24-E, KEL24-MT, KEL24-2MT, KEL-FL, KEL-FG

Cable Entry Frames

Cable Entry Frames for Cables

ICOTEK’s patented KEL cable entry system offers the option to use pre-terminated, as well as standard cables without connectors, in NEMA 4X/IP65 rated enclosures. This is thanks to their split frame and slit cable grommets which are placed around each cable when the frame is installed.

“During the assembly the slit grommet matching the cable diameter is placed around the cable and inserted into the frame. The grommet is now securely fixed inside the frame and can’t fall out. Once the lid is affixed to the base frame, it is compressed and tightly sealed.” ICOTEK Cable Entry System Product Page

Need to wire in a new part in an old enclosure? Or maybe you are simply doing some routine maintenance and don’t feel the need to take apart the entire system to replace a single cable? ICOTEK has you covered with their split cable system which incorporates easy to assemble gland halves. 

“The prefabricated cable is placed into the slit grommet which is set into one of the gland halves. Depending on the size of the cable gland, one, two or four separate grommets can be installed. The two gland halves can be easily snapped together without the need of tools. The assembled lines are securely sealed and held inside the cord grip grommets. To mount the cable glands either snap it into the round metric standard cut-out (sizes available from M16 to M63) or screw it with a hexagonal locknut. The mounting method is dependent on the model type.” ICOTEK Cable Gland Product Page

Split Cable Glands

  • Split system, 12 different part family offerings, KVT25 through KVT-CLICK
  • Split Cable Glands with 90° angles
  • Cut outs according to standard dimensions
  • Assembly in seconds provides secure and tight connections
  • Maintains warranty on pre-terminated cables
  • Also available a special locknuts with cut outs for D-Sub or PROFIBUS connectors along with split lock nuts.
  • cRUus, IP54, NEMA, EX, GL, EN45545-2, NF F16-101, RoHS, EN 50262, UL-94Vo
  • Halogen and Silicone FREE
  • -30 to +100 °C environment rating

Cable Entry Plates

  • Product family includes 6 different styles, 2 with IP65, 2 with IP66, and 2 with IP68 ratings
  • IP ratings 65,66,68 style dependent
  • Assembly in seconds
  • Cut outs to standard dimensions
  • Inserts for sealing pierced membranes if cables are removed
  • Dual sealing of cables up to IP68
  • KEL-DPZ have optional threaded bushings

membrane based cable entry plates are the perfect solution for routing cables when space is a factor. Unlike traditional cable glands and grips which add on unwanted packing density, these entry plates are designed with space and installation in mind while still offering certified protection up to NEMA type 4X/IP68. Great for applications in the medical field, food packaging, or clean rooms these plates are designed to prevent dirt/dust collection. 

“The cable entry plates consist of a robust hard frame made of plastic or metal which is completely molded with elastomer. At the plate front we have pierceable membranes for various cable diameters, on the back there are conical cable sleeves to ensure a double sealing of the cables. This unique grommet design also provides a good strain relief.” ICOTEK Cable Entry Plate Product Page

Cable management, not the most thought about of the engineering processes…but ever so important. Without clean and easy to maintain cables any application can become a nightmare. ICOTEK’s solution is their universal cable relief plates which work perfectly for any application while still remaining more flexible and cost-effective compared to their metal and plastic competitors. 

“The undercut on the comb shaped profile of the strain relief plate provides a secure hold of cables with diameters from 5 to 20 mm when using regular cable ties.” ICOTEK Strain Relief Product Page

Strain Relief Plates

  • 5 different pairings; KZL, SP/ZL, ZL, ZL-AB, ZL03/04/05
  • Mounts on either standard 35mm Din rail, or can use a screw assembly
  • Assembles within seconds
  • Provides high density packing
  • Multilayer mounting provides increased density
  • Ratings: GL, En45545-2 NF F16-101, RoHS, EN50262 UL-94Vo
  • Halogen and Silicone FREE
  • Temperature ratings: -40 to 140 °C.

EMC Shielded Clamps

  • Integrated strain relief according to EN50262 via cable ties
  • Large contact area with cable shield
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • Assembly in multilayers is possible

EMC Cable Clamps

In the world of process measurement and control equipment, protection against failure and EMI shielding/grounding has become ever more of a factor. ICOTEK has tested their EMC cable clamps to provide the lowest amount of resistance in order to provide their customers the most efficient shielding possible. 

“All icotek EMC cable clamps for shielding cable diameters from 1.5 to 48 mm have been tested utilizing various frequency ranges. In all tests there was minimal leakage resistance. In large frequency fields, the cable clamps provide low resistance. Effective range is up to 1,000 MHz below 120 Ohms and 10 kHz to 100 MHz significant below 20 Ohms. icotek EMC cable clamps are proven to absorb electromagnetic interferences.” ICOTEK EMC Cable Clamps Product Page

Maybe not the most innovative product, conduit remains an important element in a large variety of applications. Perfect for machining, control panels and enclosures, or any application where cable protection is high priority; this easily mounted conduit is just what your cables need! ICOTEK offers both the bulkhead fitting, CONFiX FWS, and their corrugated CONFiX WS conduit depending on your application needs.

“Cable conduits provide protection against mechanical damage as well as various weather conditions.” ICOTEK Flexible Conduits & Conduit Connectors Product Page

Conduit Entry Systems

  • Two different types; CONFIX FWS-A and –B also available in a BULK head fitting FWS-B
  • Extremely fast and easy installation
  • Hinged Cover
  • Allows for conduit screw connection and for direct conduit connections
  • Rated: IP54, NF F16-101, RoHS, UL-94Vo
  • Halogen and Silicone FREE
  • Temperature rated: -30 to +100 °C

Cabinet Base Plates

  • 5 different styles; KDR-ESR, KDR2, KDR, MP
  • Mounts in seconds no tools required due to slide frames (KDR-ESR)
  • Pre-fabricated standard cut outs, no additional sheet metal work required
  • Retrofit is possible without disconnecting cables
  • Suitable for RITTAL TS8 cabinets other sizes available on request

If you’re building control panels for OEM equipment, machines or simply building a panel, save yourself a ton of time and look into ICOTEK for your future. The future is now!

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