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Keeping food, drink, and ourselves cold has been long sought after in history; humbly beginning with ice, sawdust and salt and evolving to the high end control devices we know today.

The latest technology from the automation powerhouse known as AUTONICS brings us the TF3 series of refrigeration control.

Acknowledging the need for a variety of power supply options, Autonics has developed the TF3 to accept either 24VAC/12-24VDC or 100-240VAC input.

The TF3 has multiple options for output functions and the 3-Channel models (compressor + defrost + sub [alarm/evaporator fan] output) even come with a built-in alarm feature for easier use. Below you’ll find a basic breakdown of the TF3’s output options:


  • 1 channel = compressor output
  • 1 channel with a Compressor + Defrost or Auxiliary (alarm/evaporator-fan) output
  • Compressor + Defrost + Auxiliary (alarm/evaporator-fan) output.

Keeping installation in mind, the TF3 was designed to easily fit in standard cabinet door cover mounts, thus making these controllers a mere 70.3mm x 28.2mm (WxH) with an IP65 rating for the front panel.

Need to remotely check your temperatures? We’ve got you covered with the optional remote display available (TFD) which can be purchased separately.  Available in either 3 m or 5 m cable length, the TFD only requires 3.3 VDC power for operation and is IP67 rated, CE approved, and weighs a scant 77 grams.

The full TF3 unit is capable of working in -10 to 50°C environmental conditions with a 35-85% RH while only weighing 207 grams total. 

Customization is king with the TF3 and this new design offers three different coded compressor load capacities which are available in either 1 or 3 channels:

  • 250VAC @ 5A 1a contact
  • 16A 1c contact
  • 20A 1a contact

Autonics really focused on readability as the front face has a 3 digit (seven segments) readout design!

Like we said, customization is paramount to providing our customers with exactly the controller their applications calls for. The TF3 input channels offered include:

  • NTC Input
  • RT /digital input
  • A 3 channel input (NTC) inlet temperature +defrost temperature + outlet temperature or digital input.
  • RS485 communication (Modbus RTU) + RTC (Real Time Clock)
  • The RTC (Real Time Clock) only
  • RS485 (Modbus RTU) communication only
  • A synchronized defrost option or even no option at all.

Trying to put those specs into real world applications? Think of it this way, with all of these selections for operations, channels and function synchronization you have the ability to simultaneously defrost six separate units or even have up to eight separate operations programmed. You may end up needing to slowly bring your cooling units up to temperature throughout the night or maintain different staging areas…the TF3 makes that all possible. 

Autonics includes DAQMaster (comprehensive device management software) which allows for parameter setting/monitoring and user group parameter setting for the TF3 master unit and up to five slave units. Other communication converters are available including:

  • SCM-38I (RS232C to RS485 Converter)
  • SCM-US48I (USB to RS485 Converter)
  • SCM-US (USB to Serial Converter)

Whether you need real time defrosting control or wish to program a night-mode of operation incorporating the RTC (Real Time Clock), the TF3 makes that a piece of cake (or scoop of ice cream). Please note not all combinations maybe available.

Ready to order your new TF3 controller or maybe you still have some questions about the specifications? Feel free to email our sales team or technical support and they’d be more than happy to assist you in finding the right controller for your application.

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