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Looking to replace your EN/JNEV series micro drive but can’t seem to find one in stock?

TECO discontinued the EV/JNEV in 2015 and replaced it with the new and improved L510 Series.

Feature L510 Series EV/JNEV Series
Digital Inputs 5 with configurable and NO/NC designation 4 configurable inputs
Analog Inputs Two; 1 at 0-10V, 1 at 4-20mA One only – select between 0-10V or 4-20mA
LED Keypad 5 digit display with scaling and diagnostics monitoring 3 digit display, minimal monitoring capabilities beyond Hz display
Communications Modbus (Standard), option for Ethernet, DeviceNet Modbus (Standard)
Digital Frequency Setting Resolution 0.01Hz 0.1Hz
Speed Range 0 to 650Hz 0 to 200Hz

***Please note: Physical dimensions will differ between the original EN/JNEV and updated L510 series models. Please refer to the L510 Spec Sheet for a full listing of dimensions.


Crossing over to the L510 series is easy!

Simply take your JNEV part number and swap out the JNEV with L510 and then add a -U to the end of the part number.

For example:  

  • JNEV-101-H1 will be L510-101-H1-U
  • JNEV-2P2-H1 will be L510-2P2-H1-U
  • JNEV-2P5-H1 will be L510-2P5-H1-U

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