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WEG flagship series CFW 11 includes a ton of beneficial designs made to easy start-up and system design, but one style of product offering that is key in pump and HVAC type system applications is the PUMP GENIUS offering. Why is that, you may ask. 

Let’s discuss. First, there are two versions: Simplex then multiplex pump control. This software control package can be applied to any pump system that requires constant flow or pressure control system.

What is the BIG PICTURE BENEFIT here?

  • Reduces overall system component costs
  • Improves System Reliability
  • Reduces Overall Maintenance Costs
  • Eliminates or Reduction in Controls panel cost and size
  • Reduce Energy Requirements
  • Lower Overall Installation Costs

So what features or functions does this packaging provide?

Pump Control Features:

Offered in Simple (single pump motor) or Multiplex (multiple motors). The single type software monitors the system pressure or flow and maintains it at a control setpoints. Motor and VFD faults are monitored and alarmed, feedback signal loss or broken wire is detectable and alarmed and program provides control for single pump operation. Order with drive part number and ending code of -PGS. VFD’s from 1.5HP to 75HP (Normal Duty) for 230V and 2HP through 600HP (Normal Duty) @ 460V.

The multiplex software does that same as above plus the pumps are cycled on & off based on accumulated run times to even out usage, this is accomplished through a Master/Slave control and works with up to 5 VFDs and works on an analog feedback control.  If a redundant pump system is desired then one would need two VFD set up as master/slave and then the following sequence would work:

  • The pump and motor with the least amount of run time will be the first to start
  • The pump and motor with the highest run time will be the first to stop
  • Any fault condition in the lead VFD with cause the program to transfer power and control to another designated Master/Slave VFD and the pump system will restart
  • If the Pump Genius software, part number ending in PGM is selected, one will also receive RS-485 communication module with the “Multiplex” version software installed.

The drive packages are available in 1.5HP to 75HP (Normal Duty) @230V and 2HP through 600HP (Normal Duty)@ 460V, order with code ending in -PGM.

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