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You know that feeling when buying a product? When something is new and shiny? Protection plans are often an afterthought…until you wish you had one.

Marshall Wolf Automation has partnered with Extend Inc. to provide protection plans directly through any online purchase. 

What is Extend?

Extend is a one-of-a-kind leader in product protection plans. 

Unlike warranties, which are usually only provided by the manufacturer, Extend’s full service approach to product protection allows for added peace of mind.

You, the customer, simply select your protection plan during checkout and Extend handles the rest! This customer-focused approach to make product purchases last is what makes Extend stand out.

Repair or Replace?


Product repair benefits cover the repair of a product via depot, onsite, or through an authorized service center. These protection plans are for items whose value is greater than the cost of labor. It makes more sense to repair certain high-dollar items than to replace it.


Product replacement benefits mean that, when a consumer’s claim is approved, they’ll be able to get a new product. These service contracts work well with everyday items that are relatively low in price. Think relays — it’s easier and more cost effective to replace a damaged relay than to repair it.

Need to File a Claim?

Click here to be directed to Extend’s Virtual Claims Specialist

Extend makes filing a claim easy through their virtual assistant. By providing either your Extend contract ID, email address, or other identifying piece of information, you can get the process started on your protection plan.

You can also directly contact Extend’s Customer Service team via email. 

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