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What a season!

As some of you know, I asphalt drag race a snowmobile during the summer season. During this past 2017 season, I had some ups and downs; but overall it was a great race season.  My sled would have stayed in pretty consistent condition… if I would just have left it alone, lol. When I think about it, honestly, my biggest issue this season was maintaining reliable reaction times.  

Some days I was good while others, like one night, were just off. I made the mistake of closing my shield on the starting line and poof! Instant fog! That cost me the race due to a bad start.  Some races seemed like I couldn’t make it past second round, whether it was some dumb move on my part or something out of my control, like a bad light or red light that had ended my night.

Once we got deeper into the season, things started turning around in our favor.  I was doing well enough in points (how the races are scored) to be on the hunt for that elusive trophy. It really seemed to be good fortune making it to the semi-finals in the fourth race and by the 5th; it seemed to fall into place. 

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I had a great night battling each round, narrowly squeaking out win after win, making it all the way to the finals while having the best qualifying reaction time of the night. In the finals it was between me and my good friend/teammate, who happened to be having the best season of his life. He had 29 straight round wins, just about undefeated all season long. I had my work cut out for me but I was feeling good this day.

Time for the race. We rolled through our respective water boxes and signaled the tower to set our dial-in times. Since this is a bracket race, the slower sled will have a lead time based on the difference in dial-in times. His sled had been fast and super consistent all season but I was holding my own that night. I had a slightly faster dial-in speed and when our trees came down we both had a fairly close reaction time, with being just slightly better. My sled didn’t let me down and in the end it came down to winning by mere inches. Seconds felt like hours as I waited for my light tree to display the results. You can only imagine the sigh of relief I breathed as my win light came on. I do have to admit, the other bonus was that fact we all took a bounty out on my teammate since he was untouchable all season.

By the sixth and final race, I had secured second place seeing it was mathematically impossible to catch my teammate in the point system. The real cherry on top was the fact that there are three of us on our NSNP racing team and our team swept the top three positions this racing season.

I have to take a moment to thank all my team’s sponsors and the race series sponsors: NSNP racing, Marshall Wolf Automation, SS Sport Store, Inc., Ingram Motorsports. Shout out also goes to our event sponsors, with whom this series relies on:  AAEN Performance, Goodwin Performance, Route 12 Arctic Cat, RSI, Straightline Performance, Veltum Racing, and NSNP Racing.

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