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TECO had previously announced that their new E510 series would eventually replace their N3 series and that day is quickly approaching!

The N3 series was originally introduced in 2006 as TECO’s “Do it All” drive and it definitely has had a good run.

Stock of the N3 drives is starting to dwindle and we are seeing most of the series officially discontinued and switched over to the E510 series.

The E510 is a compact drive that is loaded with features. Even better, you will find the cost comparable to the N3 series!

Here are some of the benefits you can expect in the IP20 E510 over the old N3 series:

  • The ability to control both permanent magnet and induction motors
  • RS485 Port is now a standard option. No more purchasing a separate communication module for the N3!
  • NEMA 1 conduit kits are included as standard for the smaller horsepower drives – these are an added option for most competitors
  • Similar costs except in the 1 to 3hp, 230V range because they are now offered as single/3 phase in one unit.
  • Offers dedicated analog inputs 0-10VDC and 4-20mA inputs
  • The control terminal strip for customer I/O is larger and does not require the use of special micro screwdrivers (a big benefit over competitor’s compact drives!)
  • Faster processor for feedback response
  • Directional forward or reverse jog function
  • Dedicated safety input terminal
  • Enhanced monitoring diagnostics
  • Higher frequency ratings. Compare the N3 rating of 400Hz to the E510’s rating of 599Hz
  • PLC functionality
  • Removable keypad with extension and standard CATS cable
  • Enhanced RISC processor with advanced IGBT switch technology
  • There is also an IP66/NEMA 4 version – this does not have permanent magnet control and has separate models for single and 3 phase in the smaller horsepower models

The E510 series is comparable to these competitors:

If you are interested in comparing this drive to other drives we carry here they are:

Our website has the E510 replacement clearly marked on the N3 pages as the alternate part number. Need help switching over? In-house tech support is readily available.

Marshall Wolf Automation is an authorized TECO distributor that has a warehouse full of stock ready to ship!

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