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Are you looking for the latest in technology to manage heat inside your electrical enclosures? Are you looking for an energy efficient way to do it?

Here it is! Introducing the new air to air heat exchanger from Pfannenberg!

These compact (just 12” wide!) units will fit into most enclosures and are available in NEMA 12, 3R/4  and 4X in 115V, 230V or 460V – and they all have the same footprint and cutout.

What is an air to air heat exchanger?

Air to air heat exchangers are used to remove heat from electrical enclosures. They transfer heat from inside the enclosure to the external air.

The patented technology uses 60% less energy when compared to an A/C type cooling unit.

The only moving parts in these units are the fans which will reduce maintenance…a huge advantage when it’s difficult to get to the unit.

Additional features include:

  • As a closed loop cooling system, the PKS seal tight against the enclosure and maintain separation of air within the cabinet and the outside environment
  • Energy efficient, this passive cooling design uses 60% less energy to operate compared to a traditional A/C cooling system because it is uses lower ambient air to cool warmer air in the enclosure without a compressor
  • Best in class for its small size and high cooling capacity output
  • Available in 5 different models

What is ambient temperature?

Ambient temperature is the air temperature, for these products the ambient temperature would be the air temperature surrounding the enclosure.

The PKS 3000 works best when the air temperature surrounding the enclosure is lower than what you’d like the temperature inside the enclosure to be.

What is CCPD?

Cooling Capacity per Density is the heat removal capacity compared to the physical size of the cooling unit. Higher ratio means higher cooling power per volumetric size.

Where would the PKS air to air heat exchangers be used?

The ideal application is where the ambient temperature is lower than the target temperature inside the electrical enclosure. The cooling capacity ranges from 22 watts/°C to 180 Watts/°C.

They can be used indoors in a climate controlled environment or outdoors in colder regions.

The PKS is great when a closed loop cooling unit is required for heavy washdown applications like food and beverage.

Ideal Applications for the PKS Series:

Food & Beverage
  • Temperature controlled environment providing required ∆T
  • Wash down requirement
  • Protection against corrosion and contamination
  • Energy conscious
Variable Frequency Drives
  • Technology advancement in VFD
  • Drives are rated to a min. of 103°F; this allows for the required ∆T needed for an air/air heat exchanger
IT – Industrial 4.0
  • Digital technology is more prominent and connectivity is crucial
  • Stand alone IT racks in factories that house sensitive components
  • Components that require cooling and dust protection
  • Technology advancement with remote sensors and drives
  • Requires low maintenance solution
  • Harsh environments with rain and dust
  • Irrigation system with pumps and drives
Industrial Automation
  • Processing, assembling and packaging equipment
  • Automation, textile and paper finishing
  • Indoor applications where avoiding downtime is critical
Rubber/Plastic Processing
  • Harsh & corrosive environment
  • Climate controlled environment providing the required ∆T

What are the advantages of using an air to air heat exchanger over a filter fan?

Filter fans are definitely a cost-effective way to cool your enclosures, however, long term costs can include unprotected electrical components being damaged by dust and dirt in your environment.

Air to air heat exchangers are a great replacement for a Filterfan when the ambient air has contaminants. The air to air heat exchanger can protect the components inside from outside issues such as dirt, humidity, dust or problem vapors.

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