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Ok…this was just too cool not to share! We have a ton of customers who call in with a variety of applications and it’s up to our awesome tech guys to help them all.

Phil, who happens to be one of our helpful live chat gurus, just received a package from a recent customer out in Nevada. Seems like Mike was needing some assistance deciding between a Rotary Phase Converter or a VFD for his milling application; a question Phil has some extensive experience in. After discussing the speed control capabilities with Mike, it sounds like Phil was able to find the right AC Tech/Lenze drive which would work perfect for his mill. 

What a nice review to start the New Year on a positive note! Thanks Mad Mike, we’re all glad to hear everything worked out with your mill…maybe once we thaw out of this freeze we’ll fire up the BBQ and try out some of that tasty Nitro Rub!

Check out Mad Mike’s site to order yourself a bottle of this intense flavor!

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