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Since we have a shiny, brand new website to share with our customers, what better way to get you introduced to the site than a scavenger hunt?

See if you can navigate through our site using the hints below. Fill out all the answers correctly for a chance to win an Amazon $50.00 gift card!

Keep your eyes peeled when checking out the site, you may find a few Easter eggs hidden around.

1) What year did first enter the e-commerce world?
Hint: Click to reveal
We’ve got an entire page dedicated to “Our History” here!
2) Did you know we have a whole page where you can meet our team? Which department is at the very bottom of the page? 
Hint: Click to reveal
They also happen to be involved in most things marketing and online
3) How many points do you earn by registering for an account on our website?
Hint: Click to reveal
There are many other “Rewards” you can start earning once registered, learn all about our rewards program here!
4) What kind of account allows you to set up multiple users within the same account AND lets you set up requisitions lists?
Hint: Click to reveal
This is a brand new kind of account that also could be called B2B
5) Who is the last vendor listed on our line card?
Hint: Click to reveal
We’ve got vendors spanning all the way from A to Z!
6) On our new home page we have four main images highlighted: “Business Account”, “Rewards Program”, “About Us” and “____”
Hint: Click to reveal
We tend to call this one panel shop when keeping things simple. 
7) Did you know Marshall Wolf honors all of our vendor warranties’? We even have a spot where you can check out each vendor’s warranty policy. What would Baumer’s warranty period be after the date of purchase?
Hint: Click to reveal
Baumer seems to really trust their product and have one of the longer standard warranty policy periods. 
8) What time does MWA open Monday – Friday?
Hint: Click to reveal
Need to contact us? We’ve got a page just for those details and how best to reach us at any time! If need be, we’ve also got our basic information listed on our footer. 
9) How much do you need to spend online to qualify for free shipping?
Hint: Click to reveal
Besides price minimums we also have a weight maximum for free shipping, which can all be reviewed here
10) Besides Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover, what other form of payment is accepted on
Hint: Click to reveal
We wouldn’t be considered e-commerce pals if we didn’t accept this form of payment. 
11) We’ve even set up a handy FAQ page to help answer any questions you may have while checking out the new site. What is MWA’s standard shipping company?
Hint: Click to reveal
Our standard shipping company is generally seen driving around a brown truck. 

12) There are four employee pictures that have been swapped out, can you name the cartoons these are from?

Hint: Click to reveal
One character is from a MTV cartoon, another is from Cartoon Network and the third is one of the only feature length animated superhero movies.
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