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While it may not be a NASCAR sponsorship, Marshall Wolf Automation does happen to sponsor my drag racing team! You may be asking, “So what type of car or motorcycle do you race, Chris?” Well, neither to be honest….”Okay then, bicycle?” Nope, keep guessing…

Chris at the lineup

Give up? I actually race a snowmobile…in the summer! Curious on how that even works? I race in the MSDRS (Midwest Snowmobile Drag Racing Series) up in Wisconsin. We even race on a legit drag strip, just like you see on ESPN.  A general race has us running a full ¼ mile down the pavement. The next question that I get is how do you do that on something made for snow?


Let me introduce you to the specialty “Slick” track and specifically designed “skis with wheels” that we have installed on our snowmobiles.

Asphalt Drag Racing Tracks

These tracks are specially designed for snowmobile racing on pavement.

Asphalt Drag Racing Skis

After installing these bad boys, racing can go from winter to summer!

When combined with other minor modifications, our snowmobiles can be used in just about any form of drag racing. To ensure track safety, we utilize a pump system incorporating water rather than the commonly used glycol in these “liquid cooled” machines. 

We also don’t run the typical heads up race, but instead run something called “bracket racing”. We race a preset E.T. that we pick to run. Our goal is to come in as close to our “Dial In” as picked, without going quicker while still beating our competitor to the finish line. The starts are staggered between the time differences of the two competitors, with the faster of the two leaving the start based on the time difference of the two. In other words, the slower vehicle leaves first. 

Here’s a picture of a snowmobile doing a burn-out before the start of the race…actually that’s me!  I have been long involved in drag racing since my teens and started this version of snowmobile racing in 2004; before that we grass raced snowmobiles in addition to regular ice racing. My team and I have a six race schedule and hope to be in the points chase bring home the trophy like I did in 2012!

I want to thank Marshall Wolf Automation for being a primary sponsor for a few years now.  It would be much harder to compete without their assistance. Here’s to an awesome 2017 racing season!

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