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Everyone look at the camera and say “MWA”! 

Since our teams work in two separate buildings, it was the perfect fall day to get everyone together wearing our ‘I Want My MWA’ t-shirts for a company photo.

We thought the t-shirts were a perfect tribute to the old-school MTV Logo.

“Everyone to the left! Okay, now right! Squeeze in! Look up and smile!”  It sounds chaotic but we managed to pull it off.


Photo by: Zen Wolf Studio

Meet Our Team

After our well-organized group photo, we attempted to form the letters M and W for fun. It didn’t go as planned, but we had a lot of laughs trying!

We spent time in the office taking some live photos before going outside for fresh air and our group photo. 

Being natural in front of the camera can be awkward for those who aren’t used to it, but we got great shots of our team at work!


Welcome to the pack!

Our newest members from left we have Missy (Warehouse Lead), Jayden (Returns Associate), Richie (Technical Sales Specialist), Ashley (CSR) and Linda (CSR).

Not pictured are Jesse and Rany, who also joined us as warehouse leads.

Photos by: Zen Wolf Studio

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