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Are you in the market for a drive specifically designed for HVAC-R applications?

WEG has introduced a complete line of variable frequency drives that were designed for residential, commercial, municipal and industrial HVAC-R requirements.

Let’s start with what HVAC-R stands for: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning with Refrigeration tacked on the end. In broad strokes, this basically has to do with keeping your environment comfortable…which means any of these locations have HVAC-R:

  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Shopping Malls
  • Sports Facilities
  • Sports and Universities
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Condominium and Residential Buildings
  • Municipal and Commercial Buildings

The bottom line is if you have pumps, fans, compressors, condensers, cooling towers, boilers or chillers you should definitely take a look at these new drives!

The new lineup includes three series: CFW501, CFW701 and the CFW701-R (HVW701).

CFW501 Series

Packaged in an IP20 enclosure, the CFW501 is available from 1/3 to 25hp. This drive can be used on 3 phase motor voltages of 230VAC and 460VAC.  The CFW501 is basically the CFW500 drive with accessories included in the standard version, focusing on HVAC needs.

CFW701 Series

NEMA 1 enclosure comes standard with the CFW701 and is available from 1 ½ to 175hp. This drive is suitable for 3 phase motor voltages of 230VAC, 480VAC and 575VAC.

CFW701-R (HVW701)

Featuring a fully configured and integral bypass system, this drive has been designed for energy efficient control which is in high demand at in hospitals, airports, hotels and shopping centers. Available configurations include NEMA 1 with 2 or 3 contactor bypass or NEMA 12 or NEMA 3R with 2 or 3 contactor bypass. These drives can also come in circuit breaker-only options.

Wanna know what our tech guys are excited about when it comes to these drives?

  • A wide selection of ratings: 1.5 – 75HP @ 230VAC; 2-175 @ 480%; and 2-150HP @ 575VAC
  • NEMA 1 enclosure comes standard, no extra hardware needed!
  • Fully configurable bypass system, never get stuck without the right drive.
  • Harmonics – The CFW701 HVAC-R Drives meet IEC 61000-3-12 requirements with built-in DC link chokes…what does that mean?
    • No line reactor required, providing line impedance equivalent of 6%.
    • No restrictions for installation, no minimum line impedance is required!

Want to learn more about enclosures and ratings?

All of the new Weg HVAC-R drives also have these features:

  • A built-in RFI filter for all frame sizes – prevents interference with other sensitive electronic loads by reducing noise emissions
  • BACnet, Metasys N2 and Modbus-RTU embedded using the RS-485 port
  • Soft PLC functionality – this gives you programming flexibility
  • Conformal coated circuit boards – conformal coating helps extend the life of the VFD by protecting it against dust, humidity, high temps and chemicals.
  • Process feedback in engineering units
  • Direct/reverse PID control selection
  • Harmonics – meet IEC 61000-3-12 requirements; no line reactor required, no restrictions for installation/no minimum line impedance required

Did you know? (stats provided by WEG)

  • 40% of the energy consumed worldwide today is used by industry.
  • 68% of the energy used in industry is consumed by electric motors driven equipment. 

Check out Weg’s handy “Green Calculator” to figure out how much money going green could save you!

Added bonus! WEG drives have a 2 year warranty, however, if you use a WEG motor with a WEG VFD the warranty is extended to 3 years.

Marshall Wolf Automation is a large stocking distributor for the complete line of WEG products. We offer in-house tech support, excellent pricing and quick delivery on AC drives, motors, soft starters, circuit breakers, contactors and overload relays.

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