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It’s always interesting to research and share information about industrial products. For example, when I looked up “What is an AMR?” I found out that it’s an Automatic Meter Reader. This particular AMR is handy for utility companies to get an accurate meter reading so they can send you a bill! We’re not going to discuss Automatic Meter Readers (AMRs) in this post. Instead, we will talk about Autonomous Motor Robots (AMRs), also known as pick and place machines. 

More about AMR

Now that we’re on track with the right AMR, let’s learn more about them.

Pick and place machines function exactly as they sound; on a production line they pick an object from a surface and place it in another location.

As easy as that sounds, it’s actually a lot more complex than that. Factors such as type of object, speed and accuracy all need to be taken in to account.

There are a lot of sophisticated components in the AMR that need to identify shape, size and location of the object.

Typically sensors like Pepperl & Fuchs VOS-2-D Universal Vision Sensor are ideal for this type of application.

The sensor is camera-based and includes an image chip, integrated analyzer, digital outputs and a communication interface all in one compact housing. 


No, not questions and answers, that would be Q & A. I’m talking about quality assurance.

When used in an AMR application the VOS-2-D ensures the quality of products coming off the line.

The sensor has built in tools for imaging processing and pattern recognition as well as object tracking. That means that this doesn’t happen! ⬇️

Smart but simple

For a sensor that is smart, it’s also simple to use.

The camera tool can be accessed remotely by any device like a PC or laptop that’s connected to the same network as the sensor.

There is a simulator option that you can use to test with an external emulator before you put the sensor on the line.

You simply take a 2-D image from the camera and send it to the emulator which then computes the application.

This testing ability ensures that the VOS-2-D is being used to deploy the correct vision application.

Once you have used the testing data to determine how you need the sensor to function, you can then output the information and start using it. 

VOS-2-D has lighting, lenses and protective cover accessories available.

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Feature Rundown

  • Modularity and flexibility – flexible vision sensor that can be used with a variety of lenses, lighting and housing options
  • Comprehensive vision tool set– a tool set that includes tools for object tracking and detection, classification and measurement
  • Easy to use – comes with a user-friendly software interface that makes it easy to create and use in vision applications
  • High resolution – high resolution camera that can capture details images where precise object detection and measurement is needed
  • Fast frame rate – real-time object tracking and inspection
The Pepperl & Fuchs VOS-2-D Universal Vision Sensor is an accurate and powerful tool that can be used to ensure product quality in a variety of industries. With a wide range of features it’s ideal for many AMR applications. 

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