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We’re excited to announce Marshall Wolf Automation is now an official Weintek distributor! Besides being new and shiny, we wanted to highlight a few features that make Weintek HMIs different.

Since 2009, when Weintek released their 16:9 widescreen full color HMI models, their goal was to stand out amongst the more commonplace 5.7” greyscale and 10.4” 256 colors model HMIs. Moving beyond HMI size and colors, Weintek went on to incorporate intuitive and feature-rich integration software, EasyBuilder. 

This software has a lot of our tech guys saying “Finally!”

One of the biggest challenges Weintek addresses is connectivity between machines and their operators. Creating a secure network that multiple HMI users could access was once either a convoluted process or simply not possible. This could result in excessive down time or limited processing capabilities. Weintek’s EasyAccess 2.0 addresses these issues by creating a secure VPN server connection allowing for encrypted data transmission between the PLC and the user’s Apple, Android or Windows based hardware.

Imagine this; your plant manager (remote or local) has the ability to monitor production without interrupting a worker on the shop floor operating the machine. This can now be done without even having to use a SCADA system; allowing for additional cost savings.

Any android or apple product can work, and yes; that even includes the new smart wearable devices.

So not only can you have real time alerts to your smart device but also receive instant alerts to that watch on your wrist.

This secure connectivity allows for multiple users to interface with the machine at the same time while doing different functions. Easy connectivity also allows for remote mounting of the control panel maximizing shop space while not affecting functionality.

Heck, you can even program Alexa to control your operations!

As an added bonus, these HMIs sport an on-board memory for both RAM and flash (program storage) which is 2-5 times larger than most other HMIs on the market; all while taking up very little panel space. We haven’t even mentioned their ultra-high speed 1GHz dual-core CPU. All this memory and connectivity translates to easy data logging, Macros automation, and database synchronization greatly reducing the amount of data compilation and conversion. 

Great! We all love the idea of easy connectivity via Wi-Fi, but what if that goes down? Never fear!  Weintek HMIs accept piggybacking installs of smaller local HMIs in the case of LAN failures…simply put, even if your Wi-Fi connection goes down there’s still a control option available.

Weintek certainly seems to be jumping into the Internet age with both feet and we look forward to seeing where their innovations will lead next. Want to learn how Weintek can improve your production line or application? Check out their products here (more products on their way!) or feel free to contact us directly at and our team would be happy to assist you in finding the right item.

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