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It’s time to upgrade! IDEC is taking their 22 mm HW, TW, & TWND series switches to the next level by consolidating their contact block technology.

Starting November 13th, 2018, the new and improved contact block (HW-U-F) will come standard in all HW, TW and TWND series switches. IDEC has combined all their finger-safe, exposed-screw, and spring-up type contact blocks into a single universal-type. 

Enough demand for an easy-to-use contact block with improved ease of use, specifically with bare wires, lead to IDEC designing and standardizing a totally new contact block, HW-U-F, for all three switch families.

With no side entry openings, HW-U-F allows customers to use bare wires without extra effort to prevent these wires from going through the sides.

Advantages of the new universal-type contact block include:

  • Spring-up terminals
  • Ability to accept both ring or fork terminals
  • Side entries for wiring
  • Gold-plated option
  • Finger-safe (IP20) rating, protects users from accidental electrical shocks
  • Identical ratings and agency approvals as existing blocks, no need to derate.

Labor Saving Design

Easy snap on contacts that can detached by simply using a flathead screwdriver.

Wiring Versatility

Each screw terminal has 2 points of entry for wiring.

Secure Screw Terminals

Finger-safe (IP20) spring-up terminals prevent screws from falling off while wiring, improving workability.

Reliable Contacts

Stable contact reliability by way of a proven rolling contact method.

This enhancement and consolidation offer several benefits, including:

  • 50% reduction in contact block part numbers (from 16 to 8 part numbers)
  • No change in pricing for the new contact block and the assembled switches
  • Reduced inventory

In addition to the new contact block, IDEC also upgraded their voltage adapter and transformer for some of their illuminated switches

As a result of these enhancements, there will be some changes to the assembled part numbers and location of the voltage adapter/transformer for the HW and TW series.

For about 90% of all HW series customers, these upgrades will have no affect on their part numbers. For less than 10% of customers that use switches with exposed-screw and/or spring-up type contact blocks, they will be required to use new part numbers to order.

Part number using the HW-F* finger-safe contact block as bill-of-material will be updated with the new HW-U*universal contact block.

Part number using the HW-C* exposed-type and HW-G* spring-up contact block as bill-of-material will be discontinued and replaced by a different part number.

*Example:  Part number that uses HW-C* contact block

*Part number that uses HW-G* contact block

Want to see IDEC‘s full list of updated part numbers? We’ve got the lists here!

HW Series Assembled Switches that currently HW-C* or HW-G* Contact Blocks

Full Voltage Adapter and Transformer Conversion Details

Contact Block Cross-Reference Chart


IDEC also has a full list of FAQs specifically for this cross-over. Check them out below.

Is there a special tool needed for removing the new contact blocks? If so, what can we use?

All that is needed is a standard flathead screwdriver, which makes installation much easier.

If customers have the old contact blocks, can they continue to buy them or must they be forced to change over?

Older contact blocks may be purchased as stock remains. After that, they can order the new HW-U blocks.

What is the difference between the HW-F contact blocks and HW-U contact blocks?

The screw terminals are now spring-up, plus there are 2 wire slot locations (side and front) instead of just one.

What is the difference between the HW-C contact blocks and HW-U contact blocks?

The screw terminals are now finger-safe and spring-up. The two wire slot locations allow for access from the side and the front.

What is the difference between the HW-G contact blocks and HW-U contact blocks?

The screw terminals are now finger-safe and spring-up. The two wire slot locations allow for access from the side and the front.

What was the reason behind this change?

The reasoning behind this change is to provide IDEC customers with an enhanced contact block that is more convenient to install and wire. The new HW-U blocks combine the functionality of its predecessor blocks (HW-F, HW-C, and HW-G), in terms of finger-safety, front and side wire entry, and easy to wire spring-up terminals.

Did any one of the specifications change, like 10A contact ratings?

The contact ratings are the same as the previous contact blocks.

Are they dimensionally still the same size?

Yes, the new HW-U blocks are the same size as the previous HW-F, HW-C, and HW-G contact blocks.

Can you mix the old and new contact blocks in 1 switch?

Yes, the new HW-U contact blocks work and fit with the older blocks.

Is there any change to the HW/TW operators?

The HW/TW operators remain the same.

Can I still use ring/fork terminals?

Yes ring or fork terminals can be used with the HW-U contact blocks.

Are there any part number changes for the full switch assemblies?

All standard assembled switch part numbers will remain the same.

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