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Manufacturing is the process of converting raw materials into finished goods. Various types of machinery are required to make this happen, and the best way to get a machine to do what you want is to talk to it! This is where human-machine interfaces (HMIs) come in. 

HMI Introduction

The basic definition of an HMI (human-machine interface) is a device that allows humans to interact with machines.

HMI’s are used in several industries to control and monitor machines. HMIs have an operator send commands to a machine’s controller which then receives data back from the controller.

The data can be used to display information on the screen, such as the status of a machine during production or error messages.

In some applications, the HMI can be used to generate alarms and alerts when something goes wrong.

For more demanding applications, such as harsh environments with a lot of vibration and shock as well as extreme temperatures, the IDEC HG2J would be an excellent fit.

Did you know that you use HMI’s just about everywhere you go? For example, when you tap the screen on an ATM, you’re sending a command to the HMI. The HMI sends your command to the controller which processes it and responds with the appropriate transaction.

The glass screen offers hygienic characteristics, it can be sprayed with antiseptic solutions or wiped with a towelette soaked in concentrated chemicals like alcohol.



PCAP touchscreen

IDEC HG2J is designed with PCAP ‘ Projective Capacitive Touchscreen’.

This means that it uses a grid of electrodes to detect the presence of a conductive object.

What is a conductive object? In this case it would be a finger or stylus.

When the user touches the screen, their body capacitance distorts the electric field created by the grid of electrodes.

The controller on the touchscreen detects the change and determines the location of the touch, making the screen highly sensitive and accurate.  

In addition to accuracy, because the screen is glass, it is also durable, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. 

This also makes it ideal for a variety of applications, especially factory and industrial automation. 

Software and features

The HG2J HMI is used with IDEC Automation Organizer Software

It’s supported by Wi-Fi USB and BLE-USB dongle by Linux and can communicate with a tablet directly through Wi-Fi.

With the ability to support a USB speaker it can provide audio feedback to the user such as warning, notifications or instructions. 

FTP ‘ File Transfer Protocol’ makes it easy for users to configure the HMI as an FTP Client or Server. 

This is a convenient and effective way for a remote file transfer.

The web server and email function provides remote access without needing extra software or hardware. This makes troubleshooting and maintenance from anywhere possible!

Lastly, the HMI can connect up to 4 protocols simultaneously. It acts as a communication gate that allows data to pass between multiple devices using serial and network drivers to communicate. 



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