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Rotary Phase Converter part numbers can vary greatly by manufacturer. Knowing our vendor, AMERICAN ROTARY, uses a “somewhat” complicated numbering system to the newbie RPC user, we wanted to help clarify some basics to sizing your next Rotary Phase Converter.

To begin the confusion, American Rotary uses a 2x factor to their numbering system for most of their applied motor loads. Meaning, if you look at the graphic below, that a 5hp load rating will result in the correct model being labeled AD10 or ADX10 depending on the type of load the application requires.

*EXCEPT for Type 1 Loads, which seem to be more of a 1/3 jump in numbering… (WHY!?! They obviously haven’t read our blog about part numbering but we’ll leave that for another day)

To determine which model RPC you’ll be looking for, let’s start with the left-most column which lists your potential HP/KW/Amp ratings. If you only have a single load to contend with, you’re all set to start reviewing the type of load you’re incorporating and figure out your model number.

As you can see, there is a numerical value typically twice the value of the load rating at least when reviewing horsepower with the exception of Type 1 loads, which we mentioned previously.

Huh? Ok, maybe it might be easier to let Chris from American Rotary explain this a bit further.

Primarily, it’s important to figure out if you are starting with a single load or multi-load application and subsequently what type of load you’re working with. That will start you off on the path of determining which Rotary Phase Converter will work best your you!

Still have questions? No problem! Give us a call at (874) 658-8130 or email us directly and our tech support would be happy to help you find the perfect Rotary Phase Converter for your application.

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