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Whether your application is a rehab of an existing control panel or a new build, any application needing up to 48 I/O (Input/Output) can now look forward to the benefits of IDEC’s FT1A Smart Axis Touch Controller.

We know every job is different and the FT1A SmartAXIS Touch gives you a lot of options; like simply incorporating a 12 I/O Touch controller or even using a FT1A Touch controller paired with a remote I/O. A 24/40/48 I/O can even be configured as a remote I/O allowing for additional connections to other FT1A modules later on as acting as I/O slaves tied to the primary FT1A Touch. 

Confused yet? Maybe you’re just wondering “why have all these extra connections and controllers in the first place?

It really comes down to what you can save in both components and electrical cabinet size.  

By using the SmartAxis Touch on the door of your cabinet, you eliminate the need for many individual push buttons that would have to be wired in to control major functions.

The smart relay also takes the place of any electric-mechanical relays that would typically be used in rebuilds or even new design; again saving you space and component costs. The overall benefits far outweigh the initial capital investment in hardware and software.

The other tangible benefits include (FAQs courtesy of IDEC):

  • Faster processing speeds: Basic instructions capable of being processed in 1850µs per 1000 steps of programming.
  • Analog expansion cartridges: When incorporated, Analog expansion cartridges allow for the FT1A Touch to accept 0-10V DC, 4-20mA, RTD and Thermocouple inputs, with 12 to 15-bit resolution
  • Digital Inputs and Outputs: IDEC’s FT1A is equipped with eight digital inputs of which two can be configured as 0-10V DC analog inputs with 10-bit resolution.
  • 8 built in high speed counters: maximum frequency range of 10kHz for single-phase or 5kHz for dual-phase.
  • A 65,536 TFT color LCD: Removes the demand for push buttons and other components
  • Large programming memory: 48KB of logic which controls programming, complex PLC programs can be constructed without much restriction. This also includes 5MB of configuration memory for the display, a unique and professional display interface can be easily configured
  • As well as the ability to expand to 158 I/O, data logging capabilities, 10A rated relay outputs which eliminates need for interposing relays, built in time clock for time controlled applications with built in daylight savings time.

The design also allows easy program file transfer via a USB memory stick allowing multiple builds to have a quick debug and startup. This system also allows for Ethernet connectivity broadening your communication and conductivity using standard Modbus TCP or RTU. RS232C and RS485 ports allow connectivity with other serial devices.

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Hardware is great but sometimes the devil is in the software. How do our tech support agents describe IDEC’s software? “Awesome, it’s a complete all in one suite configuration software. “

The FT1A Touch uses the Wind O/I-NV-3 program while the FT1A smart relay uses IDEC’s WindLDR software. Updates are always FREE! A huge bonus in the industrial industry and they even offer a FREE 30 day demo software is available.

Just go to for your 30 day demo. You’ll always have the option to purchase individual units or kits that would include the accompanying software, power supplies cables at a bundle rate.

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