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Woohoo! We’re about ready to say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019, which means it’s a perfect time to reflect on all the awesomeness and important moments MWA experienced this year.

January 27th, 2018 ~ Our founder,

Hans J. Wolf, passed away

2018 started off on a rather somber note as we lost our dear friend and founder, Hans. A common theme amongst the employees was an overwhelming sense that Hans was more than just a boss, but someone who truly cared about his employees.

Thankfully the company came together during this sad time and we were able to pick ourselves back up and continue on just like Hans would have always wanted.

February ~ We’ve Had Our Coffee!

We’re famous…and wired! Ok, maybe we don’t buzz around as fast as we do in the video but one can always dream. 

March ~ It’s not ALL fun and games…but there are a lot of games

Once the winter chill left the air we published a few fun blogs to highlight our systems integration team and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Can you guess all these panel parts?

Beyond that our tech support published a few handy guides and our vendors released some new product!

Not Where’s Waldo…Where’s Wolfie?

April ~ New Employees!

Even though we were dealing with another harsh snowstorm, that didn’t stop some new employees from sprouting. During the month of April we welcomed Rozita to customer service, Vince to the warehouse, and Patti to the accounting department. 

May ~ Photoshoot!

So many new employees! With all the new faces we figured it was a good time to update our “Meet Our Team” page which gave our graphic designer free reign to have a little fun… We actually do work most of the time 🙂 While we were having our cameos in famous movies, we also published some handy guides: 

June ~ Vendor Updates

July & August ~ Strong and Steady

The dog days of summer always seem to keep the orders steady and the vendor news to a minimum. There are times when no news is good news and we’re be quite happy to continue improving sales.

What do all those motor acronyms even mean?!?

August ~ Record Sales!

Woot! We hit a new record! Every MWA employee helped us reach a new milestone and we continue to set new goals and smash them as much as possible!

Summer came and went super fast this year and before we knew it we were already decorating for Halloween and planning for next year’s product updates!

October ~ Halloween Eye Spy

More new employees! In the fall we welcomed Holly in customer service, Stacy in purchasing, David in warehouse and Jason in systems integration.  This time we wanted to introduce them in a fun little game for our customers.  Of course we had our Halloween party too!

New Company Photo

MWA continues to grow! At this point our photographer has to cross the street in order to get us all in one picture!

November ~ Vendor Updates and Superheros

It seems like fall was here and gone so fast! November was a month for catching up, updating and honoring a pop-culture icon. 

December ~ New Site and New Milestones!

Our marketing and web development team really put in the extra hours to make sure we launched our brand new site before the end of the year. 

While we worked like busy bees in the background, our sales team was kicking butt and hitting even more milestones! That naturally required a celebration involving copious sugar and a touch of alcohol 🙂

Overall 2018 has been a crazy ride with some seriously high points and some very sobering moments. Each goal met is a reminder of how far we’ve come as a company and how much we have to look forward to in 2019!

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