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AC Tech released their sub-mciro series of drives, including the SCM, SCF and SCL series, over 15 years ago and these drives have had a great run.

But now the time has come for the torch to be passed. AC Tech Lenze has announced that the SCM, SCF and SCL series will be discontinued in 2019.

What does this mean for you? The bottom line is that we have until mid-2019 to place our orders for drives in these series.

Lenze AC Tech has done a tremendous job in planning this phase out and will continue to repair and supply replacement parts until early 2021.

We all have plenty of time to plan for this phase out! There have already been multiple price increases on the SCM, SCF and SCL series … another incentive to take a look at some of these other series!

The sub-micro drives, especially our beloved SCM series, have been very popular with our customers and we will do everything we can to help you make a seamless transition into another series! What are your options?

Let’s take a look at how the SCM, SCF & SCL drives compare to the new i510/i550 series of VFDs.

Starting out, what are some of the advantages of the new i500 series (which includes i510/i550)?

  • State of the art inverter
  • Zero clearance mounting – mount side by side without de-rating
  • Save space in your panel
  • ROHS-Compliance
  • Fulfills IE2 of new inverter efficiency class
  • More motor control possibilities! SLVC, PMAC, closed-loop ASM
  • User/OEM configurable ‘favorites’ menu
  • New communicaiton possibilities (ProfiBus, EtherCat, EtherNetIP, ProfiNet)
  • Easy to use – descriptive keypad text, parameter grouping
  • i550 includes an integrated brake chopper
  • +24VDC ‘keep alive’ capability

What are the differences between these models?

  • The i500 series is a different shape than the SCF/SCM/SCL, it is a ‘bookshelf’ style rather than the cube shape.
  • The SCF/SCM/SCL have mounting holes on both sides. The i500 are mounted with fixed key-hole brackets on the top and bottom – this means new mounting holes will need to be drilled.
  • The i500 can be mounted side by side with zero clearance and without de-rating! This was not possible with the SCM/SCF/SCL.
  • The control wire shield is included as standard on the i500, however, the motor shield plate needs to be ordered separately.
  • The connectors are mounted on the same side of the inverter as SCF/SCM/SCL, however, the exact position on the i500 can be different.
  • The ‘stop function’ (terminal #1) is a dedicated digital input on the SCF/SCM/SCL. On the i500 every IO function can be freely assigned in parameter 400 (P400)
  • The i510 supports PNP/Active High logic only, the i550 supports both PNP/Active High as well as NPN/Active Low logic.
  • The parameter numbers have changed, however, the most commonly used SCF/SCM/SCL parameters can be found in the pre-configured Favorites Menu (group 0)

The SCM and SCF to the SMVector NEMA Series

Series SCF Series SCM Series SMVector Series
Enclosure  IP20 IP20 IP20/NEMA 1
Output Frequency  0-240Hz  0-240Hz  0-500Hz
Torque Rating  CT CT CT, VT
 Drive Type  V/Hz  V/Hz V/Hz, SLV (open), Enhanced V/Hz w/Autotune
Fully Integrated Keypad  No No Yes
Serial Communications  Limited Limited Modular
Available HP Ratings based on input:    
120V, Single Phase  N/A  .33 to 1.5 hp  .33 to 1.5 hp
208/240V, Single or 3 Phase N/A N/A .33 to 3 hp
208/240V, 3 Phase .25 to 20 hp .33 to 5 hp 1.5 to 20 hp
400/480V, 3 Phase .5 to 25 hp .5 to 5 hp .5 to 60 hp
600V, 3 Phase 1 to 25 hp N/A 1 to 60 hp

Still have questions about upgrading your VFD? Give us a call or email us directly at or and we’d be happy to help!

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