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Socomec’s line of industrial fusible disconnects is rich in features capable of providing a complete package while meeting many conforming standards such as; (IEC, UL, CSA) and specifically, IEC 60947-3, NFPA79 (2002 ed.), UL489 (w/restrictions), UL98 (w/ restrictions), CSA22.2 #5, (w/restrictions), CSA22.2 #4 (w/restrictions).

This is a heavy duty fusible disconnect switch that makes and breaks power circuits for on/off loads while providing safety isolation and protection against overcurrent for any low voltage electrical circuit.  The switches provide a double break contact per pole for complete isolation of the fuse when in the OFF position. These switches also feature a TEST position which enables the testing of all control circuit auxiliaries without switching the main contacts; this negates the need for a separately wire push button for this task. 

The FUSERBLOC series of switches have amperages ranging from 30A, 60A, 100A, 200A, 400A, 600A up to 800 amps. At the 30 amp range these switches come in two different options, class CC and Class J. The CC class features a 3-pole option, a 3-pole switched neutral and a 3-pole solid neutral selection while the J class has a 2-pole and 4-pole options available. The 60 Amp class offers J type in 2, 3, 4 pole configurations. The 100-800A are all class J type fuses and offered in 2, 3, 4 Pole configurations.

What are the key advantages of this series? Improved safety functionality with a high breaking capacity (up to 200kA SCCR) are just a few of the key points to start with. The switch also offers a complete range of functions such as compact footprints, front or side operation, flange type operations, NFPA 79 compliant, and voltage sensing terminals.

With a great product come with a great accessory offering:

  • Electronic Fuse operation indication (FMD)
  • Flange handle for operation/cable operator.
  • Rod Operator
  • NFPA 79 (through the door) kit
  • Direct Handles
  • External Handles
  • S-type riser (elevated spacing between handle and door surface by 12mm) for gloved hands.
  • Alternative colors (four) for S2, S3, S4
  • 4 different shaft lengths for through the door applications
  • Shaft guides
  • U-Type Auxiliaries (normally closes and open)
  • S-Type Auxiliaries (normally closed +normally open, with 1-4 (NO+NC) groups
  • Safety Terminal Shrouds
  • Terminal Lugs (only included in frame sizes 30A-100A)

Have some more questions about Socomec’s Fuserbloc series? Feel free to email our tech support or sales team or give us a call at (847) 658-8130 and they’d be happy to help you find the perfect disconnect switch for your application!

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