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What’s so cool about this VFD?

Is it the simple fact that it’s taking over for the tried and true Frenic Multi? As the old guard fades away the new gunslinger makes its appearance known. What’s to like about this new offering? Well let’s explore a little bit.

The first thing that jumps out and pounces on your face like a cat is the fact the series is rated to normal duty variable torque load of 40HP in both 230/460V. That betters the predecessor by 20HP! Win Win!

On the control function side, Fuji’s added V/F with slip compensation, permanent magnet motor control using sensorless vector and to top it off the Ace even sports a 500HZ frequency versus the older 400HZ capability.

The improvements don’t stop there! With a speed control range maximum of 1:1500 that includes vector control and encoder feedback, built in braking transistor, and optional EMC filters the Ace wins again for advancing technology.

Follow this up with other key features including built-in STO (safe Torque Off) compliant to EN/ISO13849-1, SIL3, Pl=e,cat.3, up to 200 steps of customizable logic controls, dual channel RS485 (RJ45/terminal) ports(optional add on), available optional multi-function w/USB keypad and PC software at no cost…whew…wait there’s more!

Other cool options are; Heatsink out adapter (specified HP/voltage ranges), DIN rail adapter (specified models).  With over 10 different option communication(s) protocols, too many to list here, the Ace covers a wide variety of applications…check out the VFD’s on our site to learn more.

This drive is now multi-power rated, meaning both constant torque (CT) and variable torque (VT) rated, model numbers reflect AMPS being called out not HORSEPOWER, this is a trend with both the Japanese and European manufactures. 

For the cherry on top, it still comes with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY and chocked full of the latest technology. 

Check out our site for price and availability or feel free to contact us for more information!

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