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2022 is the year of efficient, effective, streamlined designs!

Dart has released their new EZ VFD®, finally offering a solution to customers who just want to “buy a drive that did not require an engineer to commission.” 

Lately the trend for VFDs is to keep adding more and more features; more logic to program, more communication interfaces, and more reasons to scratch your head if you’re not an electrical engineer. 

This is where the EZ VFD® steps in, and yes, named thusly because it really is just that easy!

Let’s start off with the fact there are just two base models to consider, one standalone NEMA 4X enclosed and one open chassis option for panel installation.

The base model features power and error LEDs, trimpot adjustment, over-temp/current limit auto shutdown with an option to order a sub-model which includes a cover mounted reversing switch.

This drive really is for anyone who just wants to wire up a supply, wire up their motor, flip a switch and go!

Maxing out at 1hp, the EZ VFD® doesn’t brag about being a beast, its strength lies in the fact it’s meant for anyone to setup and get going. Suited for both variable and constant torque projects, this drive could easily be a huge money saver in conveyor, fan, blower or centrifugal pump applications. 

Can’t forget to mention these standard features!

  • Digital Signal Processor provides digital accuracy, repeatability, and stability in industrial environments
  • Single board design is more rugged and vibration tolerant than stacked / multi-board designs
  • Suitable for constant and variable torque applications where the input load does not exceed 800 Watts continuous ( Supply Voltage x Supply Current)
  • Universal power supply accepts supply voltages of 110-240VAC @ 50-60Hz
  • Transient voltage protection protects device in harsh industrial environments
  • Euro style terminal strip for control inputs and outputs; 1/4″ male spade terminals for supply voltage and motor connections
  • Wide operating temperature -10°C to +40°C (14°F to 104°F)
  • Selectable forward/reverse input terminal allows you to choose the motor direction
  • Run/enable terminal provides a means to start and stop the drive without a full power down. This also allows for resetting the drive after a fault.
  • Brake terminal allows for a controlled stop with adjustable DC injection braking at stop to hold motor in position.
  • Easily adjustable control function such as MIN Speed, MAX Speed, Current Limit, Acceleration, Deceleration, Boost (Startup), and Brake (DC Inject) that can be adjusted on the fly.

More about that video life? Check out the clips below. Dart went ahead and made their own videos highlighting the new options that can be found on their EZ VFD®

EZ VFD® Options

EZ VFD® Overload Protections

One of the major perks of installing a VFD is cost savings.

This can be through the lessening wear and tear on machinery or the improvement of power consumption. Mark Lewis from Dart goes into a great explanation on what something called the “power factor correction” (PFC) is and why it can dramatically reduce your power bill.

So if you’re ready for a solid little drive without a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles, Dart has you covered with their EZ VFD®. Order yours today or contact us and our team would be more than happy to help you find the right drive for your application.

A big thank you to Mark Lewis, Dart President, for his assistance in writing this blog. 

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