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It’s here! All this talk about the future and renewable energy is here now! We are the future! Solar power is becoming increasingly popular in many applications. We have solar panels on our homes, powering schools and businesses. Why not use solar power for equipment? Solar pumps are gaining a lot of attention because they can be used in rural areas keeping agriculture alive and save energy costs. 

Solar Pumps 101

Invented in the 1970’s, solar pumps have greatly improved over time.

The basic solar pump design needs a pump, a controller and a solar panel.

Solar panels absorb photons from the sun, converts it to DC energy, and sends it to the controller, which will operate the pump as needed.

The controller is key for automatic watering systems and it prevents the tank from overflowing.

Using the right controller can improve the reliability and lifespan of the pump. 

Rain or Shine

Uh-Oh! How can you keep a solar pump running with no sun?

Fuji FRENIC-Ace VFD is designed to tackle this issue.

Let’s run down some key features;

  • MPPT ‘ Maximum Power Point Tracking’-a control system that starts the pump when conditions are suitable and stops the pump when the rotation speed is low or there isn’t enough power. 
  • Generator/Grid Connection-  can be simultaneously supplied with PV (DC) power and by a generator / grid (AC) power 
  • Built in irradiance sensor- measures the amount of sunlight available and adjusts the output of the pump accordingly

What Else Can It Do?

The dry pump detection function can protect the pump from damage, saving cost.

If your pump is running dry, the Fuji FRENIC-Ace will trip and stop the pump, preventing burnout.

With two PID gains to control the speed of the pump and the flow of the water, you’ll have total control of the water level in your tank.

The sensorless and vector control, along with high starting torque, allows the drive to be used with asynchronous and magnetic synchronous motors.

Lastly, Fuji FRENIC-Ace can be used in existing applications. It’s compatibility with a wide range of solar panels and voltages makes it suitable for use on older solar applications. 

Try it with an HMI

If your application allows it, the FRENIC-Ace is compatible with Fuji V9 series HMI.

For more information on the Fuji FRENIC-Ace Solar Drive simply choose your drive, add a – SOLA to the end of the drive part number and contact us for ordering information. 

We are an authorized distributor for Fuji Drives, HMI’s and Temperature Controllers.

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