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All good things must end….

In the technology world things usually change very quickly, however, in the case of our AC Tech SCF/SCM drives, the length of time for this family of VFD’S has been a long one.

This variable frequency drive family, as good as they were, is now very long in the tooth.  Why were they desirable in the first place?  Simplicity and remaining scf-2_1440stripped down.

We’ve found OEM markets really liked these VFD’s because they were always buried in a control cabinet and this allowed the OEM to tailor the overall controls to their machine designs.  These AC Tech drives were cost effective solutions with just the right features.

Key Features of the SCF/SCM Series VFDs

  • Wide range of input voltages and horsepower ranges (120Vinput/208-240V, 400-480)
  • HP ranges: Fractional -1.5HP@ 120V, Fractional – 15 HP @ 208-240V, ½-15HP @ 480V
  • UL 508C approved
  • EPM chip (an internal memory stick)
  • Good output frequency 0-250HZ
  • Good overload capacity 150% for 1 min or 180% for 30 Seconds
  • No extensive key pad ( good for OEM applications)

Facing the music, 2017 will see the end of this series. The fundamental question is; what series or brands to cross to in the near future?

Mostly we have been crossing this series over to the SMVector series from AC Tech.  The series is physically a little taller, but the performance gains, price points and overall improvement in technology far outweigh concerns that the original equipment manufacturers ever had before with the previous generation.


Lenze AC Tech SMVector series variable frequency drives

The SMVector series also features more extensive performance characteristics; enhanced V/F modes, sensor-less vector mode, higher HZ ratings, NEMA 1 and NEMA 4X rated enclosures, just to mention a few upgrades.

You say fine, but what about other brands?  As far as the other brands represented, here is a quick list of very good crosses to the soon to be departed.  Some brands may not have the full range of HP’s so check your model number closely.

Lenze AC Tech

  • SMV vector….all previous mentioned features plus the EPM chip (same technology)

Fuji Electric

Delta Industrial Automation

  • “E” series VFD: no keypad included, a good OEM type cross, keypad is optional (V/F,SLV)
  • “EL” series: includes the keypad and is only V/F(V/HZ) mode of operation VFD

Teco Westinghouse

  • L510 series: great value product, limited HP range, max 3HP
  • E510 series: next generation technology with extended enclosure versions
  • N3 Series: older technology, but great value proposition


  • NES1 series: w/o keypad, a good OEM cross, keypad is really needed for programming
  • WJ200 series: a step up from the SCM/SCF family, more in-line with the SMV series


Is this our complete list of VFDs?  No, but you can contact our tech support agents today to discuss your current application and let us help guide you through your future change over.

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