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Does is seem like 2022 was just a blur?

Between moving warehouses, new product releases, and constant vendor updates; MWA was able to make 2022 a year to remember! Let’s review some of our best highlights throughout the year. 


We kicked off the year featuring one of our most popular products, VFDs.

We covered the basics of what an AC Drive is, how to differentiate them from Soft Starters, when best to use one for your project and new vendor releases. 


Cloudy weather had us missing the sunny days of summer, so we lit up the month with Light Towers, Stack Lights, Warning Lights and Beacons

We delved into the Light Tower 101, product reviews and even a brain teaser! 


Electric motors are a major component of most industrial applications and controlling them comes in a variety of options, so we dedicated April to reviewing how best to operate your motor.

We offer a variety of motor control options including: motor starters, manual motor protectors, contactors, overload relays, manual motor controllers, variable frequency drives and soft starters.


The term “switch” can have a lot of definitions depending on who you ask. We found ourselves asking “Is a limit switch the same as a position switch? (usually) Are these considered safety switches? (not really)”

Better understanding how these products relate and differ can provide a more comprehensive grasp of industrial safety as a whole. Switches can be broken down into sub-categories such as Safety Interlock Switch, Limit Switch, Position Switch, Coded Magnet Safety Switch with different control methods. 


Industrial circuit protection may seem like simple enough concept, but understanding exactly what type of protection your application requires a much more in depth review. Over the summer we highlighted the differences in UL ratings, circuit breaker construction and how best to protect your devices from electrical overloads. 


Photoelectric sensors detect objects using a light transmitter and a photoelectric receiver. The three main types are through-beam, retro-reflective and diffused mode. You may be more familiar with photoelectric sensors than you think… your garage door uses a through beam photoelectric! 


We couldn’t cover motor controls without showcasing motors for an entire month. While the basic functions of an electric motor may be simple, understanding how to properly size and order one is a much more detailed process. 


A cost-effective motor control option, Soft Starters allow for you gently ramp up to full speed, protecting your motor from high torque loads and electric current surges. 


Who would have guessed a “simple” focus on solid state relays could get so complicated? On the surface, SSRs are used to control electronic loads and are basically just a relay that does not have a moving contact; but once we start looking at electrical specifications, things get detailed quickly!

November & December

4th quarter product updates and holiday festivities were taking over not only our thoughts, but our vendors and customers too!

We had some fun with more seasonal brainteasers while sharing some handy guides for a popular VFD series. Seems like 2023 snuck up on us faster than any previous year!

From all of us at Marshall Wolf Automation, we wish you the brightest of New Years! Here’s to 2023!

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