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AC Drive, 3hp, 230VAC, Single Phase, IP20, 10A, 12.1x5.8x9.0" with Dynamic Braking Transistor

WEG now offers CFW700 drives for single phase supply! This series uses single phase input power and converts it to three-phase power for induction motors and other equipment.

This series is ideal when you have equipment powered by a three-phase induction motor but do not have a three-phase power source available.

The CFW700 Single Phase can be scaled to match the application by selecting V/F, voltage vector (sensorless vector) or vector control with encoder.

The CFW700 Single Phsae is available in variable torque and constant torque ratings for a wide range of applications!

This series is available from 1 1/2 to 40hp in 230VAC and 10 to 100hp in 460VAC.

If the part number has 'KIT' on the end it includes an IP00 DC bus capacitor assembly (supplied loose).

More Information
Input Voltage 200/240V, Single Ph. Only
Horsepower 3 hp
Output 3 Phase Output
Type of Drive General Purpose, Volts per Hertz (V/Hz), Sensorless Vector
Options No Special Options
Availability Please Contact Us
Warranty 3 Years
Weight - lbs. 13.9000

Features Include:

  • Power supply:
    • 200 V single-phase: rated output current from 6 to 10 A (1.5 to 3 cv)
    • 220 V three-phase: rated output current from 6 to 211 A (1.5 to 75 cv)
    • 380-480 V three-phase: rated output current from 3.6 to 211 A (2 to 175 cv)
  • Compact structure, ideal for installation in confined spaces
  • High precision and reliability in speed and torque control
  • Robust hardware
  • HVAC version
  • Inductors on the DC link: no line reactance needed, installation on any network, no minimum impedance restrictions, compliance with IEC61000-3-12 standard
  • Isolated input for incremental encoder
  • Isolated RS485 interface
  • 8 digital inputs and 5 digital outputs
  • Smart cooling system: monitoring of the heatsink temperature and internal air on the electronic boards, monitoring and indication of the speed and running time of the fan
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