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AC Drive, 250hp, 380-480V, 3 Phase, Dual Rated High Performance Vector Drive
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Our Hitachi SJ700(D) can be used for both heavy and normal duty applications thanks to its dual rated (constant/variable) high torque performance (200% @ 3Hz). The SJ700(D) series can drive both induction motors (IM) and permanent magnetic motors (PM).

Hitachi's SJ700(D) position control function offers servo-like performance allowing for automatic speed control according to a load situation for applications such as cranes or a conveyor. This drive is easy to setup and operate by standard keypad or optional PC-based configuration software

The SJ700(D) can perform up to 5 tasks independently.

The Hitachi SJ700(D) series replaced the SJ700B series. It also replaced the SJ700 series for drives below 200hp. For drives higher than 200hp, please see the SJ700 series.

Our drives are rated for amps, please check amp rating when sizing for variable torque.

  • You get motor full load amps

Additional features include:

  • Modbus/RTU standard
  • EzSQ Internal PLC-like controller
  • Internal DB transistor up to 22kW (30hp)
  • V/Hz CT & VT, PLUS Sensorless Vector (SLV) control modes
  • High starting torque of 200% or greater at 0.3 Hz
  • EMC filter (C3) integrated up to 160 kW in 400V and 75 kW in 200V

This series is available in:

  • 200-240 volt, 3 phase, 1/2 to 75 hp
  • 380-480 volt, 3 phase, 1 to 200 hp
  • Drives higher than 200hp will remain the SJ700 series

*This series has replaced the SJ700B and the lower hp (below 200) SJ700 series.

The SJ700 series had replaced the SJ300 and the X700 series before being replaced itself by the SJ700D.

Want to find out more about AC Drives? We've got you covered with an entire blog section dedicated to just that, just click hereOur tech support covers topics like "What are the Benefits of a VFD?" and "Variable Frequency Drives vs. Phase Converters."

More Information
SKU SJ700-1850HFU2
Input Voltage 400/480V, 3 Phase
Horsepower 250 hp
Output 3 Phase Output
Housing/Enclosure NEMA 1 or IP20 (See Spec)
Type of Drive Volts per Hertz (V/Hz), High Performance, Sensorless Vector
Options No Special Options
Availability Please Contact Us
Product Series SJ700
Warranty 1 Year
Weight - lbs. 308.0000


  • CT: 250 HP
  • VT: 300 HP

Rated Input Current

  • 380V-15% to 480V+10%, 3 phase
  • 50/60Hz ±5%
  • 389 amps

Rated Output Current

  • 380/480V, 3 phase (corresponding to input voltage)
  • CT: 256 amps
  • VT: 308 amps


  • Height: 39.17 in
  • Width: 27.36 in
  • Depth: 14.56 in


  • 140 lbs


  • IP20
  • NEMA1-style Conduit Box Optional
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