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12 Volt DC Buzzers, Steady or Dual Tone
11S3120 or 11D3120

CE and RoHS Compliant!

12 Volt DC Buzzers, Steady or Dual Tone<br>11S3120 or 11D3120
Our Price: Starting at $6.25 Buying in volume?
Minimum Order: 10 item minimum
Availability: Standard Stock!
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This series has been discontinued, once stock is gone they will all be replaced by our TRIP series.
  • Manufactured by Piezo Buzzers- General
  • Available in 12VDC
  • Continuous (Steady) or Dual tones
  • Dual tone can be wired for steady or pulse tone
  • 80-100 dBA/30cm
  • Single tone, 12VDC buzzer is UL recognized - UL File # E183945 (Part # 11S3120)
  • Single or pulse tone models: Diameter 43.5mm x 34.5mm
  • Dual tone models: Diameter 43.5mm x H 49.5 mm
  • This series is still available, however, as stock is depleted we will be moving into a new series:
    • The new series offers a 6-28VDC range - this will cover our current 12V and 24V with one part number!
    • 11S3120 will now be TRIP-650-12SAD (this is the non-UL Recognized replacement)
      • If you need UL please contact us
    • 11S3240 will now be TRIP-650-24SAD
    • 11PF3120 is now TRIP-651-12SAD
    • 11PF3240 is now TRIP-651-24SAD
    • 11PN3120 is now TRIP-653-12SAD
    • 11PN3240 is now TRIP-653-24SAD
    • 11D3120/11D3240 will be TRIP-657SA
    • 11D3120-FN/11D3240-FN will be TRIP-657SAS