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Donut Current Transformers, AC
Simpson Electric

Commonly used when AC current levels to be monitored exceed 75A.

Simpson Donut Transformer
Donut Current Transformers, AC<BR>Simpson Electric
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A Current transformer rated 100:5 will provide a secondary current of 5 AC amperes when a single primary turn is passed through the donut with a 100 ampere load.

The donut transformer provides additional isolation from the conductor. The secondary leads are 2 feet long and may be extended up to 10 feet using at least 12 gauge copper wire. If the distance is greater than ten feet, please consult the factory.

A 50:5 amp donut is the lowest rating that Simpson normally carries. A donut can be used for ratings below 50 amps by wrapping either the primary wire passing through the core, or by wrapping the secondary wires leading to the meter. Other ratings are available on special order.

  • Manufactured by Simpson Electric
  • Use with Simpson analog panel instruments and 5AAC digital indicators requiring external current transformers
  • Donut-type are inserted 1 turn primary and include 2-ft. leads
  • Reduce high AC current signal to 5AAC output to meter
  • Meets A.S.A C57.13 Standard
  • Manufactured to Meet UL Requirements UL 1244
  • Flexible Leads are UL105, 105°C CSA Approved
  • Molded From Impact and Abrasive Resistance Black Nylon for Rugged Construction
  • + 2% Accuracy
  • Frequency Response 50-400 Hz