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LED Stack Lights, Explosion Protected!
Werma 741

Zone 1 and 2 (hazardous locations due to gas).
No additional zener barrier required!

LED Stack Lights, Explosion Protected!<BR>Werma 741
List Price: Starting at $1,758.07
Our Price: Starting at $1,494.36 Buying in volume?

All the advantages of a stack light are now available for hazardous locations. Attention-getting visual features can be safely signaled in areas susceptible to the collection of hazardous gases. Visual communication for machine status is clearly provided via leading technology.

Typical applications include Machines and equipment in hazardous areas due to the presence of gas: petroleum refineries, chemical plants, waste water treatment plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing areas, paint spray booths, etc.

•Low maintenance due to LED design
•Machine vibrations will not shorten bulb life
•No need to remove equipment indication to safe areas. 741 series allows signals to remain on the equipment.

WERMA signal horns, electronic buzzers, flashing beacons, double flash beacons, signal towers and horns, and rotating beacons all in explosion proof housings. With the optical portion, the relative importance of the action to be taken can be indicated by color as well as by the light effect and length of the signal being used. The customer can choose from a whole spectrum of signals ranging from the permanent light to the more intensive blinking light through the rotating indicator or the attention-getting flashing light. While the audible portion is where caution, prudence and clarity are essential, these signals are used to indicate emergencies and demand direct action. They are understood throughout the world regardless of culture or written language. Signaling with audible devices works via one or more tones or tone sequences.

  • Manufactured by Werma
  • LED lightt tower for Zone 1 and 2
  • No additional zener barrier required
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 75 mm x 77 mm x 262 mm for 3 tier stack light
  • Housing: Polyester, PC
  • Connection: Screw terminals connection max. 2.5 mm2 including approved cable gland "e"
  • Explosion protection: II 2G EEx me [ib] II C T6
  • Approval: PTB 06 ATEX 2005
  • LED light source: long lamp life, very durable for vibrations, low power consumption, etc.
  • Up to 3 light elements possible
  • Operates on 24 Volt input
  • Multiple color combinations: red-yellow-green or red-green or red-yellow