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Soft Starters, 25 hp to 1500 hp, 3 Phase
Weg SSW06 Series

Reduce torque by controlling the voltage delivered to the motor during startup!
Dual display and built-in bypass contactor!

Great for replacing mechanical contactors!
Weg SSW06 soft starters
Weg SSW06
Soft Starters, 25 hp to 1500 hp, 3 Phase<br />Weg SSW06 Series
List Price: Starting at $1,386.00
Our Price: Starting at $623.70 Buying in volume?

SSW-06 Series Soft-Starter are static starters intended to accelerate, decelerate and protection of three phase induction motors. The control of the voltage applied to the motor by the means of the thyristors triggering angle variation, allows the soft-start to start and stop smoothly an electric motor.

With adequate adjustments of the variables, the torque produced is adjusted to the needs of the load, so the required current is going to be as low as possible for the starting procedure.

WEG Soft-Starter SSW-06 series, micro processed and full digital, are products with state-of-the-art technology and have been produced to ensure the best starting and stopping performance of induction motors, presenting themselves as a complete and low cost solution.

The human-machine interface allows easy adjustment of the parameters what helps commissioning and operation. The built-in Pump Control function allows an efficient control over pumps, avoiding overshoots.


Fans / Exhaut Fans, Centrifugal Pumps, Dosing / Process Pumps, Agitators / Mixers, Compressors, Soap Extruders, Extruding Machines, Injection & Blow Molding, Calenders, Grinders, Dosing Pumps, Process Pumps, Rotatory Filters, Rotatory Kilns, Coaters, Papers Refiners, Conveyor Belts, Centrifagal Pumps, Roller Tables, Bottling Lines, Sifting Machines / Rotating Tables, Dynamic Graders, Dryers / Furnaces, Pellet Mills, Hoist / Monorails, Dryers / Washing Machines, Drilling & Grinding Machines, Bottle Manufactoring Machines, HVAC, Compressors, Slicing Machine, Polishing Machine, Cutting Machines, Wood Chippers, Saw and Plains, Axial Flow Pumps, Impulsion Systems, Monorails / Hoist, Escalators, Baggage Conveyors (Airports).

  • Manufactured by Weg
  • Reduce torque by controlling the voltage delivered to the motor during startup
  • High visibility LED display makes it easy to read from a distance
  • Two-line 16-character LCD display eliminates instruction manuals!
  • Built-in run rated bypass contactor
  • 25 to 1500 hp
  • Universal voltage input (220 to 575V)
  • Kick start function for high inertia loads
  • Duty cycle:
    • 300% full load amps for 30 seconds, 10 starts per hour
  • Voltage ramp or current limit start modes
  • 32 Bits RISC high performance microcontroller
  • Electronic motor protection
  • Fully programmable control methods
  • Totally flexible torque control
  • Kick-start function for high break-away torque
  • Pump control function for intelligent control of pumping systems
    • Avoids water hammer in pumps
  • Current peaks limits on the power supply
  • Voltage drop limits during starting
  • Power supply voltage 220-575 V and 575-690 V
  • The control board power supply has EMC filter (94 to 253 Vac)
  • Built-in bypass up 820A
  • Back-up memory of motor protection I2t thermal image
  • Voltage and current unbalance protection
  • Over / under voltage and current protection
  • Input for motor PTC
  • Reduction of mechanical stress
  • Reduction of stress over couplings and transmission devices (gearboxes, sheaves, belts)
  • Increases the lifetime of the motor and mechanical equipment of the driven machine
  • Easy operation, programming and maintenance via HMI
  • Serial or fieldbus communication errors protection
  • Operational environment up to 55°C
    • Without current reduction
    • For model range 10 A to 820 A and up to 40ºC (without current reduction) for model range 950 A to 1400 A
  • If using external control signal, you must use an accessory keypad, either local or remote, to program the required digital inputs.