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Disconnect Switch, Toggle Handle
25 to 150 Amp, 3 Pole
Altech KUE/EVA

Optional cover plate makes this switch IP20 touch proof!

General use rating - 25 to 150 amps, 600VAC maximum voltage!
Toggle Handle Motor Disconnect Switch - EVA series
Disconnect with cover plate IP20 disconnect switch
KUE Altech Disconnect Switch, Toggle Handle
Disconnect Switch, Toggle Handle<br />25 to 150 Amp, 3 Pole<br />Altech KUE/EVA
List Price: Starting at $28.09
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The KUE series only requires an additional cover plate which makes the switch IP20 touch proof.
  • Manufactured by Altech Corp.
  • KUE series available from 25 to 60 amps (optional cover plate)
  • EVA series available from 80 to 150 amps (includes cover plate)
  • Cover plate makes KUE series IP20 touchproof
  • 600 VAC maximum voltage
  • 3 poles
  • 1 phase and 3 phase horsepower rating
  • Terminal size acceptability: 14-8AWG, 12-4AWG
  • UL508 listed manual motor controller
  • KUE series requires an additional cover plate (available as accessory) to make it touch proof.
  • EVA series includes a cover plate