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Full Featured, High Torque Drive, 3 Phase Only
Hitachi SJ300 Series

This series is being replaced by the SJ700 series.

The SJ300 is being replaced by the SJ700 series drives!
Full Featured, High Torque Drive, 3 Phase Only<br />Hitachi SJ300 Series


This product has been retired.
Need help with a replacement for the SJ300 series? Engineers on staff, contact us!

The Hitachi SJ300 series is being discontinued, limited stock is still available! The replacement series is the Hitachi SJ700 series.

This series crosses directly from Sumitomo HF4302 series and Polyspede PSV4 series - call for the direct cross!

Large capacity sensorless vector high performance AC drive from Hitachi! Available from 1/2 to 500 hp.

  • Manufactured by Hitachi AC Drives
  • While supplies last we currently have the following SJ300 drives in stock:
    • SJ300-007HFU
    • SJ300-004LFU
  • Replaced by SJ700 series, contact us if you need assistance!
  • The Hitachi SJ700 offers everything the SJ300 did but also has additional features!
  • You can replace the SJ300 with the SJ700!
  • High starting at low speeds (200% at 5Hz, 150% at 0hz)
  • Full vector control
  • Online/offline auto-tuning
  • Master/slave functionality
  • Built in communications
  • Ratings: 1/2 to 75 hp in 230V and 1 to 200 hp in 460V
  • Private labeled to Sumitomo and Polyspede!