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Showing 1 to 12 of 12 products.
Panel Mount Piezo Buzzers, Screw Terminals<br>TRIP SeriesPanel Mount Piezo Buzzers, Screw Terminals
TRIP Series
Choose from continuous, pulse or dual tone models.
Starting at $6.25
22mm Unibody Buzzer with LED<br>NOARK-Chint ND16 (was NFM1)22mm Unibody Buzzer with LED
NOARK-Chint ND16 (was NFM1)
Available 24 or 110VAC, flashing or continuous LED!
Starting at $6.95
LED Buzzer, 22mm, 12-24VDC, IP65<br>Autonics B2PB-B1D/B2PB-B1D-RLED Buzzer, 22mm, 12-24VDC, IP65
Autonics B2PB-B1D/B2PB-B1D-R
Water resistant!
Starting at $15.20
22mm Buzzer with LED, 12-24V AC/DC<br>Steady or Pulse Tone<br>Autonics B2NB-B1D22mm Buzzer with LED, 12-24V AC/DC
Steady or Pulse Tone
Autonics B2NB-B1D
CE compliant, however, this unit is not UL recognized.
Starting at $15.20
22mm Buzzer with Flashing LED Light Option<br />Carlo Gavazzi PL22S Series22mm Buzzer with Flashing LED Light Option
Carlo Gavazzi PL22S Series
Buzzer available as just a buzzer or a buzzer with LED flashing light.
UL Approval.
Starting at $25.00
Starting at $20.00
16mm Rectangular Buzzer, 24VDC<br>Idec LB3Z-1T0416mm Rectangular Buzzer, 24VDC
Idec LB3Z-1T04
16mm buzzer with 1NO/1NC contacts!
50mm Square Buzzer with Two Sounds<br />Panel Mount<br />Patlite BM Series50mm Square Buzzer with Two Sounds
Panel Mount
Patlite BM Series
Small design with two selectable, distinctive alert sounds!
Available in 24V AC/DC or 120VAC.
Starting at $50.00
Starting at $45.00
22.5mm LED/Buzzer Combination, IP65 Rated!<BR>Werma 150 Series22.5mm LED/Buzzer Combination, IP65 Rated!
Werma 150 Series
Available in 24VDC, 115VAC or 230VAC.
Starting at $115.25
Starting at $97.96
Audible Alarm with 32 Sounds, 80mm Square<BR>Patlite BD SeriesAudible Alarm with 32 Sounds, 80mm Square
Patlite BD Series
Perfect for a noisy factory!
Put different alarm sounds for different conditions & machines!
Starting at $141.00
Starting at $126.90
MP3 Audible Alarm/Speaker System, Voice Annunciator<BR>Patlite BSV SeriesMP3 Audible Alarm/Speaker System, Voice Annunciator
Patlite BSV Series
Excellent sound quality and very thin design! 75mm square.
Starting at $164.00
Starting at $147.60
Audible Alarm, 32 Sounds Pre-recorded!<BR>Patlite BK SeriesAudible Alarm, 32 Sounds Pre-recorded!
Patlite BK Series
A great unit that offers melody, chime and alarm capability!
Volume control and a compact but loud speaker!
Starting at $212.00
Starting at $190.80
MP3 Voice Annunciator, Panel Mount<br>Patlite BDV SeriesMP3 Voice Annunciator, Panel Mount
Patlite BDV Series
4 bit input channels, 15 selectable sound groups.
Starting at $391.00
Starting at $351.90
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